JUST INFO: A 24 hour hotline providing information, referrals, and crisis support to people affected by the criminal legal system

The Just Info hotline is the premier project of the New York Law Collective, with support from the American Friends Service Committee. The Just Info hotline provides support and information for anyone impacted by the legal system in New York City. It acts as an easily accessible hub for accurate information about the criminal process for arrested persons and their families and communities. It also provides service referrals relating to the many collateral consequences that stem from interactions with the criminal legal system and opportunities for callers to connect with community organizations working around issues of policing in their neighborhoods.

Call Just Info! 1-85-JUST INFØ (1-855-878-4630)

Trained volunteers are available around the clock to answer questions such as:

      • I think I have a warrant, what do I do?
      • How do I find a loved one who has been arrested?
      • I was arrested and the police took my property- how do I get it back?
      • How do I find out when my next court date is?
      • I was sentenced to community service, but I missed it. What now?
The Just Info line provides information and referrals.
We do not provide any type of legal advice.